In the masterclass of ECCOS BIS ‘Storytelling through the camera-eye’, Leonard Retel Helmrich will go into a full consideration of his special approach and perception on documentary stories.
ECCOS BIS Diversity in Storytelling part 3: storytelling through the camera-eye with Leonard Retel Helmrich will take place at May the 6th during the Open Doek Film Fesitval in Turnhout, Belgium.
Note: ECCOS has a new location. The master class and screening will take place at Utopolis, Turnhout. For more information and directions, please see the link below. (coming soon)


ECCOS BIS welcomes the renowned film maker Leonard Retel Helmrich and his unique film style: Single Shot Cinema. The master class is contextualized by the integral screening of the magisterial trilogy about the life of a Christian-Islamic family in the modern Jakarta, Indonesia. We finish the day with the Belgian première of the two folded IDFA-winner Position among the stars, which also won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance.


Leonard Retel Helmrich is a Dutch film maker with Indonesian roots. For his triptych; The eye of the day (2002), Shape of the moon (2004) and Position among the stars (2010), he has followed the Christian-Islamic family Sjamsuddin for about 12 years. According to Hemrich this family is a microcosmic example of how the modern Indonesian society looks like. He followed the family from the year 1998, after the resignation of dictator Soeharto who had the power for more than 32 years. Ever since, the country is continuously afflicted by political changes accompanied by defiance, poverty and religious conflicts. All those problems are reflected in the Sjamsuddin family.


Leonard Retel Helmrich designed and perfected his own filming technique: Single Shot Camera. Different from direct cinema, Retel Helmrich doesn’t want to be an outsider, but an active participant in his movies. Here for, Retel Helmrich developed the Steadywings, a construction that makes it possible to move the camera very flexible and intuitive. It’s by using this technique he could come so close to the members of the Sjamsuddin family, protagonists in the trilogy. With his invention, Retel Helmrich is outgrown to be a source of inspiration for a whole generation of young moviemakers.

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