Almost Nothing

a creative feature length documentary by ZimmerFrei


If for everybody CERN means the biggest worldwide particle physics research center, for ZimmerFrei it is something else: the most extraordinary social and human experiment based on meritocracy and sharing values. The documentary shows this hidden side of CERN.


Almost Nothing premiered in competition at Visions Du Reèl 2018 and was awarded with the Interreligious Jury award

The Interreligious Jury awards a feature film that sheds light on issues dealing with meaning and sense of direction in life. Religious Affiliation or Nationality seem to be of no importance at CERN. Nevertheless, the film shows in a most convincing manner how the search for the meaning of life unites the scientists even into the smallest particle. The film succeeds in picturing the human being behind science in a humorous way and at a high level. At the same time the film shows those human beings in an unexpected religious context.


a co-production with Bo Film (I) and Tita.B productions (Fr)
supported by Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Beursschouwburg Brussel and the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission Fund a.o.