Carnotstraat 17

Carnotstraat 17 (2015) is a feature documentary looking more closely into the effect on someone’s identity through migration. A new film by Klara Van Es.


What happens to one’s identity when one migrates? 17 Carnot Street illustrates how migrants fare a few years after their arrival in Belgium. They talk about migration, identity and about becoming part of or staying on the touchlines of society. How do they manage to accept life in their new homeland? And how do the locals regard them? The film is in itself a vision of the future in the light of the present flow of refugees.


Carnotstraat 17 has received script and production support by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, The Dutch Film Fund, Cobo Fund and supported by De Provincie Antwerpen and Impulsfonds voor Migrantenbeleid. As with the earlier documentary of Klara Van Es, Memphis Film & Television, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands is acting as co-producer. Carnotstraat 17 is also co-production with the broadcasters VRT/Canvas and Human.

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