Eden / Gewoon Eden

a documentary film about the wonders of ordinary life.


Eden, a suburban neighborhood near Antwerp, was constructed in the euphoric mood of the Brussels 1958 World Expo. Over 120 identical prefab houses were established to temporarily house the tourists visiting the Expo. After the exhibition the houses were sold to private individuals. What was once identical slowly individualised under the impulse of the private owners. Through a poetic and intimate exploration of both the outside and inside of the houses, we discover how people shape their lives and homes. This neighborhood seems the perfect arena to reflect on the urge of mankind to individualise one’s surroundings and to strive for ‘unique happiness’. Today Eden is surrounded by multinationals and shopping malls that scream that everything in life is for sale. But can we also buy happiness? And how unique are we in our pursuit for happiness?


supported by VAF (Wildcard), Tax Shelter, District Wilrijk