Enjoy your Meal!

Original title: Smakelijk Eten!

(2011) A creative documentary on the origin of food and the minefield of moral choices and dilemmas connected to it.

A documentary film by Walter Grotenhuis
Production by Kleine Beer Films (NL) and Associate Directors
Length 89’ and 55’
International sales by Autlook Films


Enjoy your meal! tracks down the origin of a meal prepared by renowned chefs. The film traces not only where the ingredients are coming from, but stresses also the impact on local life. Soya beans, the main food for the piglet, grow mostly in Brazil on huge pieces of land, right next to an Indian tribe. As a result, their natural habitat changes drastically. Prawns from the Philippines are cultivated by a former banker, seeing his dreams come true, but at the cost of the local fishermen. Sugar snaps in Kenya are massively exported to Europe. A visit to the land where they are grown shows the reality and how it brings people to desperate actions.
Many people in the food industry work hard and try to make a living, mostly without even realizing the long-term impact of this industry to others and the environment. The food on our plate tells a bigger story than we initially know. A creative documentary on how food changes the world. Enjoy your meal!

Trailer – Dutch credits

About the director

Walther Grotenhuis graduated in 1978 at the Dutch Film Academy and has been active in the documentary world from the beginning. In the 80’s, he continuously directed, produced and wrote documentaries for Dutch television channels (VPRO, NPS, NCRV, VARA, ..) and governmental organisations, all with a political, social and environmental background. In 1993 he was producer/director of ‘A truth with many faces’(NCRV). The film won a Dutch Award for best scenario, was nominated for the ‘Gouden Kalf’ and was awarded as Best Dutch TV documentary of the year. He was also director/producer of ‘Aids: a woman’s story’ (AVRO) which received a Golden Rose nomination (Montreux, Luzern) in 2005.
With Enjoy your Meal!, he has written and directed his first independent documentary.


Enjoy your Meal! is a coproduction of Kleine Beer Films (NL) and Associate Directors. Supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO Fund, NCDO and Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Also supported by Oxfam Novib, VSBfund, IKON, ICCO, World Wildlife Fund Netherlands, the Belgian Development Cooperation, DGOS, Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation (viewpoints stated in this film do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the Belgian Government), Milieudefensie, Solidaridad, Lichtpunt, Mediafonds, Triodosbank, contributors