Eternal Girl

a research documentary by Bram Crols
2009, single documentary 40’, Lithuanian-English spoken


The filmmaker embarks on a search for the main character – Inga – of the most well-known Lithuanian feature film ‘Grazuole’ (The Beauty) dating from 1969. What remains in peoples mind after four decades of this ‘Grazuole’ ? The – at that time 10 year old – actress Inga is a lead to explore elements in the concept of beauty.

Festival screenings


This documentary is a co-production between Lithuanian ERA FILM and Associate Directors.
The project was realised within the program DOCRES VNO of The European University of Arts, implemented by the Vilnius Capital of Culture 2009.
The Flanders Audiovisual Fund supported the residence of the filmmaker.

On the director

Bram Crols (B), was trained as director/producer at the Brussels film school and the European Film College in Denmark. He has been working as director and producer in film, television and publicity. He scripted his first feature movie on a VAF-scholarship, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund. With the award winning documentary ‘Township Jive’ (2006) on the South African music scene, Bram jumped more than before in the business of documentary making. This film was soon to be followed by the international co-production Building a legend
Bram is partner in Associated Directors since 2007 and producer of Flaxman and Lost on memory lane among others.
Bram also curates European Cultural Capital on Screen


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