A Poverty Rules ! – episode by Fabio Wuytack


Afghan Jawed met Kosovar Dashurije at the refugee center in Brussels. Since then, they’ve only had each other, as they fight their long battle for a residence permit. After a 19-day hunger strike, Jawed got permission to remain in Belgium for six months. And now Dashurije is pregnant, and the young couple has been waiting for months for a response to their request to prolong the permission. It seems like life as illegal immigrants might be even harder than the life they fled. Jawed came to Europe when he was 16, tied under a truck. Dashurije could hardly believe it when she heard, she says, but now it looks likely that his greatest ordeal is yet to come. He’s in debt with the hospital because of his hunger strike, but they don’t even have enough money for food. The food parcels they get every two weeks contain barely enough for four days. But the worst thing is the waiting for their papers, says Dashurije: “It does your head in.” The huge stress, even affects their relationship.Their son’s fate is uncertain as well, because they’ve found out that after he’s born, they won’t even be getting any help for him.

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Year of production:2012
film duration: 30 minutes
dolby 5.1
English, Dutch subtitles
aspect ratio 16:9
available on DCP, HDCam, Blu-Ray

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