We have chosen to hand the prize to a film that succeeds in the difficult and great art of making it look easy. It is a film that excels in the classic virtues of documentary, such as patience, attention to detail, and simple human kindness – and it is a film that in turn rewards these virtues on part of the viewer. For a film about changes and the passing of time, it avoids nostalgia and populist drama in favor of a courageous presence in the moment. For all the talk about ’Slow Cinema’ these days, however, it is the understated humour that makes this film a very human experience. Ultimately it is a film that leaves a great deal of trust with the viewer, and we wish to honor that trust by handing the award.

May 8th, 2010

Mads Mikkelsen, programmator CPH-DOX
Cecilie Bolvinkel, European Documentary Network
Bram Van Paesschen, documentary director