School WTF!

A documentary by Trisha De Cuyper


SCHOOL WTF! explores a unique philosophy on our modern school system. 
The Brussels based ‘Het Leerhuis’ is a democratic school for self-initiated learning. Children are free to choose their activities all day long. They are responsible to decide what they want to learn – if they want to learn – out of their own interests, passion and motivation.

A film about the intention to re-think our school system and to suggest a different way of learning, but it also reflects the struggle of a few children with the paradoxes of freedom and democracy.

on the director

Trisha De Cuyper was born in Davenport, Iowa USA.
She holds a Master in Cinematography, Brussels University, a Master in Art History, University of Louvain and is Bachelor in Spanish studies, Dallas Texas. She was mandated as a member of the Documentary Selection Commission of Flanders Audiovisual Fund and is member of commission of the Dexia awards for audiovisual press. Trisha is a founding member of Triade 2:1 for the realisation of Video Art projects.


Director: Trisha De Cuyper
Image: Jan Lapeire (Flaxman)
Editor: Jan Lapeire, Leen Anhonissen (Lost Down Memory Lane)
Music: Peter Vandenberghe (Flat Earth Society, Too Noisy Fish)


Release: November 2012.