Sera Facil

a documentary by Paul Dayez & Jan Lapeire
2005, single documentary, 26’/39’, Portuguese – French spoken


Marc is a truck driver working for Terra, a non profit recycling company in Liège, Belgium. Although he has never traveled outside Europe, he has been chosen to visit a women’s cooperative in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Just like him, the 20 ladies collect and sort all kinds of recyclable materials but they do so in a very different way. An exchange between two visions of the world. How easy or difficult can it be.


directed by: Paul Dayez & Jan Lapeire (Triade 2:1)
production: Autre Terre, Triade 2:1, Associate Directors
photography: Jan Lapeire
graphics by: Emily Holemans & Filip Vandeuren
original score: Papo Reto
in collaboration with: D.G.C.D., C.G.R.I. and Dexia Bank Belgium


DVD, French version, 26’