Rocket Man

a creative documentary by Fons Feyaerts

Rocket Man, a man with a sky-high dream


The life story of an European rocket engineer reveals a bewildering history lesson.

His life wasn’t always as peaceful as it is today. There was a time when instead of managing a B&B together with his loving wife, days where a constant struggle for achieving his goal of developing the first low-cost space rocket.

His journey took him from Germany to Bikendrik, crossing Zaïre and Libya in between. This documentary passes by all the locations that were quintessential in this journey while at the same focusses on space travel development since the early 60s and why Europe could easily have won the commercial space race but didn’t.

A psychological and sociological story with many political twists, about the pressing urge to achieve something that is so monumental that it begins to consume one while continuously looking for new ways of reaching a goal and everything and everyone seems to supress you.